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Architecture of HSDB data federation architecture

Mission and Vision

Human studies, encompassing interventional and observational studies, are the most important source of evidence for advancing our understanding of health, disease, and treatment options. To accelerate the discovery of findings from human studies, study designs and results should be available for large-scale data mining, synthesis, analysis, and reuse.

The Human Studies Database (HSDB) is a federated, computable database of the design and results of human studies from multiple institutions. HSDB uses the Ontology of Clinical Research and common clinical vocabularies to standardize the storage of this information, so that researchers can precisely search and analyze across studies even if they come from different sources and address different clinical domains. It is especially important that HSDB contain rich detail about study designs, because the use and interpretation of study data depends critically on the context in which those data were collected. Our broad long term vision is:

  • A virtual computable scientific database of the design and results of all human studies in any clinical domain, involving any kind of data (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, imaging, genomic, etc)
  • Tools for investigators, comparative effectiveness researchers, policy makers and others to search and compare, visualize, analyze, and synthesize studies and study results
  • Data entry and data acquisition tools that allow institutions to capture HSDB data as part of their research workflows (e.g., IRB approval, clinical trial registration), so that multiple institutions can contribute HSDB data while maintaining local control and ownership of the data

A national or even international human studies database will be an incomparably rich resource for clinical and translational research. An overview of HSDB is available Pdf.pnghere.

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News and Updates[edit]

All the publications referenced in this section are available under Articles and Reference Materials

  • March, 2012 One HSDB-related panel was presented at the AMIA Clinical Research Informatics Summit.
  • March, 2011 One HSDB-related panel and two posters were presented at the AMIA Clinical Research Informatics Summit.
  • March, 2010 Two HSDB-related papers received the Distinguished Paper awards at the AMIA Clinical Research Informatics Summit.
    • Sim I, Carini S, Tu S, Wynden R, Pollock BH, Mollah SA, Gabriel D, Hagler HK, Scheuermann RH, Lehmann HP, Wittkowski KM, Nahm M, Bakken S. The Human Studies Database Project: Federating Human Studies Design Data Using the Ontology of Clinical Research. AMIA CRI Summit 2010.
    • Wynden R, Weiner MG, Sim I, Gabriel D, Casale M, Carini S, Hastings S, Ervin D, Mobed K, Cucina RJ. Ontology Mapping and Data Discovery for the Translational Investigator. AMIA CRI Summit 2010.
  • February, 2010 Awarded supplement to NCRR R01, for developing a data entry interface (R01-RR026040-01S1)
  • November, 2009 HSDB paper awarded Distinguished Paper at 2009 AMIA Symposium in San Francisco!
    • Simona Carini, Bradley H. Pollock, Harold Lehmann, Meredith Nahm, Davera Gabriel, Suzanne Bakken, Ed Barbour, Herb Hagler, Shamim Mollah, Richard Scheuermann, Ida Sim Development and Evaluation of a Study Design Typology for Human Subjects Research
  • September, 2009 Awarded R01 from NCRR, "Ontology-Based Integration of Human Studies Data" (R01-RR026040)

Becoming a Collaborator[edit]

To join HSDB, please register as a collaborator at the Registration Process for Collaborators page (under construction).

Subscribing to Our Listserv You can subscribe to our HSDB-public listserv and receive project announcements changes to the wiki, and other newsworthy items. To subscribe, please contact Ida Sim to be added to the project mailing list.

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