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HSDB Wiki About[edit]

The Human Studies Database (HSDB) is a federated, computable database of human studies to enable computational reuse of human studies data for clinical and translational research and discovery.

Sharing patient-level data from human studies will help investigators accelerate discovery. However, to ensure that investigators can interpret the raw data properly, clear and complete information about the design of the original studies must also be shared. This project is developing a logical model of human studies design in which all the data elements are standardized to controlled vocabularies and common ontologies to facilitate cross-study comparison and synthesis. We will then use this standard model to integrate local institutional human studies databases for cross-institutional data sharing and reuse. Our broad, long term vision is:

   *[a virtual repository of study design and results data of human studies in any clinical domain and involving any kind of data (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, imaging, genomic, etc)]
   *[a web portal with tools for data visualization, analysis, and collaboration to facilitate
         *[design of new studies, and analysis of study designs or completed studies]
         *[clinical research management and CQI]
   *[data acquisition that is as integrated as possible with research workflow (e.g., IRB approval, clinical trial registration) and systems (e.g., clinical trial management systems)]